What is APG-IMPA?

We are the entity that represents IMPA's graduate students. Our functions include: seeking better living and working conditions for these students; supporting its members, for instance via the Ombudsman channel; promoting integration activities and debates.

Board of Directors

APG-IMPA is managed by a board of directors that is elected each year. You can check its current composition below.

Frederico Rossetto Bianchini - frederico.bianchini [at] impa.br
Thadeu H. C. V. Alves de S. Costa - thadeu.henrique [at] impa.br
Fabiele Loterio - fabiele.loterio [at] impa.br
Diretoria de Acolhimento
Teodora Lauria - lauria.pereira [at] impa.br
Rafael Moreira Paulo - rafael.paulo [at] impa.br
Diretoria de Comunicação
Fernando Simões Guimarães Pinto Nazario - fernando.nazario [at] impa.br
Mayumi Shiguihara - mayumi.shiguihara [at] impa.br
Diretoria de Eventos
Mateus Spezia - mateus.spezia [at] impa.br
Other members
Felipe Espreafico Guelerman Ramos - fegramos [at] gmail.com
Luíze Mello D'Urso Vianna - luize.durso [at] gmail.com
Marcelo Gomes da Silva Carneiro - marcelo.carneiro [at] impa.br